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Bumpy ride

I have a 1986 Toyota Van. It has been outfitter as a small RV. I changed the front and rear Shock absorbers but it is still a very bumpy ride. any suggestions?

i would just take it to a shop that does free safety inspections, and have em look underneath. Could be a tie rod end, they can make for a pretty bumpy ride

A 1986 car is likely to have any number or worn parts that we normally don’t see in a car. I suggest a real suspension shop, ideally the one that does the local collusion repair. You basic tyre store that also does shocks just will not have the equipment or experience to do the job.

“one that does the local collusion repair.”

I guess they accept kick-backs…sorry, I just get a kick out of appropriate typos. Our neighborhood just sent out a note urging us to do “beatification projects” so our houses would look, what, more spiritual?