RAV4 2010: Undercarriage

This past Thursday I drove to a dance academy to pick up my three kids, and when I got there I parked my RAV4 head-in in front of a black wired fence on an off-street parking bay next to a construction site. When I left the dance academy with the kids I did not want to take a chance backing up all the way into the busy two-way street, so I backed up a little, just enough to make a tight left-hand turn forward with steering wheel locked, pulling out, facing forward. I did not see that there were 3 large wooden pallets in the way (passenger front side) of my exit and before I knew it my car hit and mounted the pallets. The kids and I were so startled that in my panic I continued to pull off; proceeding forward, and drive up and over, hitting and mounting the pallets as I left the parking bay. I must mention that I just bought the car less than a month ago, so its pretty new: 25,000 miles. I am not sure if I am paranoid, but now I sense a subtle vibration in the steering wheel, as well as a subtle bounce (coming from the passenger front right side of the car) when I drive. I took the car the very next day to a Toyota Collision Center. They assessed the car and said that they did not see any external dents or damage. I would still prefer a second opinion to have someone look at the undercarriage of the car. With regards to the subtle vibration/bounce: What could this be? Can someone please advise. Thanks, Des


Did the Toyota shop drive the car?
Did they put it on a lift and inspect it?

You may have bent a rim or an axleshaft

Yes, the shop drove the car and they did put it on a lift and inspect it, but now the car feels like it has a subtle “bounce” that was not there before. Should I be concerned and take it for a second opinion?

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the shop said everything was fine with the car…

Is it possible that hitting pallets while pulling off could throw the car out of balance and/or alignment?