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Bum windshield replacement

I have a 2003 chevy malibu with 57,000 on it.

Had safe lit come replace windshield,3 wks ago, then last friday we had a bad rain storm and the windshield leaked alot of water on the inside of the car all the way across from driver side over!!! UGHHH now they just want to change out windshields but i know the dash board of my car is not happy with all that water…what should i do??? Mold?? Problems?? what would you do??

You got water in the electronics and in places that will mold and/or rot from the moisture.

They’d be replacing my car.

Thanks for the reply…So what steps shall I take on them i am sooo mad!!

Unless you have specific issues as a result of the water the windsheild replacement is sufficient imho.

Get the problem corrected immediately and get a No Charge receipt for the repair. If a problem with electronics, etc, appears get back with them. Their insurance should handle it.

I do this to dry out the car’s interior. Crack the windows an inch or so, start the car and turn on the heater full blast. If the AC can be turned on to dehumidify the air even better. Don’t use the “Recirc” setting

Leave the car running with the fan on full. The circulating and dehumidified air should remove most of the seen and unseen moisture in the car. If the carpet is wet use bath towels and pressure to remove as much water as possible before running the heater.

Ed B.

Ask them what happens if a problem develops in six months? Get everything in writing. Get the current “wet” condition is recorded.

Don’t forget to contact the corporate headquarters. Tell them you are a little worried, as them what they can do to make you feel safe.

This is not a Tesla, this is a 2003 Malibu…Fix the leak and move on…Park the car in the sun for a day or two and it will dry out okay…

I’d be livid too, but the reality is that if everything is working properly right now the best you can do is have them clean up the mess and replace the windshield.

And follow Caddyman’s advice. Park it in the hot sun for a day. If dashboards were that sensitive mine would have really acted up thay day I left the sunroof partly open and we had that torrential downpour. I had to put a plastic bag over the seat to drive home. Everything dried out fine.

Keep an eye on that second replacement. Safelite had to do a second install on my windshield, and in the process they cracked the paint all around the pinch-weld and directly underneath the weather strip. I was none the wiser until a couple of months later when rust started bubbling up underneath the paint all around the windshield. I had a body shop take a look at it, and they said it was obvious what had happened–the Safelite tech had cracked the paint and then, instead of priming/sealing it, he just put in the new windshield and weather strip and sent me on my way without saying anything. Safelite corporate eventually stepped up to the plate and paid the $1300 repair bill, but it was a major PITA getting it resolved.