2017 GMC Canyon windshield leak

Windsheild is leaking water running dow inside of windsheild, any one have this problem?

I am sure that someone does but the chance they will see your post is low. Contact a body shop and see if they can reseal it or just plan on a windshield replacement.

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It doesn’t matter if anyone else has this problem? The solution doesn’t change. The leak needs to be sealed. Nothing good can happen if not repaired. Water can get behind the dashboard and ruin electronic components, rust will form around the windshield frame and advance quickly, making repair difficult and/or very costly. Sooner it definitely better than later for getting this repaired.

There may be a temporary solution that will last the winter, then you can have the windshield removed and replaced with new seal-molding next summer. Permatex makes a glass sealant product I expect.

The windsheild does not have seal moulding . The windsheild is glued to the vehicle .

Yeah I’ve had a leak after a windshield replacement. They just take it off and re-seal it again. Can’t be that expensive. I’ve also had a leak due to a rust hole in the channel, so you want to avoid that.