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Am I being unreasonable?

Had an enormous crack in the windshield of our 2010 Prius and recently had it fixed. It leaked. Tech came out to fix the problem and check for water damage-we didn’t see any at the time, but the fix didn’t take and it’s leaking again. This time, much worse. Here’s what the discussion title refers to.

I’m concerned that the water damage will contribute to a problem down the road- corrosion in the electronics in the roof, damage to the carpeting(?) on the ceiling, mold etc. I would like to take the car into the dealer and have them give it a once-over, but want the glass repair shop to foot the bill. My philosophy is: I wouldn’t have to get things checked out if you hadn’t botched the install-twice. Their philosophy is: unless you can show us evidence of malfunction, we’re not paying for someone else to look at it. I feel like they should go the extra step to put my mind at ease and make sure that any developing problem can be addressed now instead of having to wait until something goes bad. Am I just being a jerk? Please advise, thanks!

I’d want the same thing, water leaking can cause problems.

So, let’s say I’m not being unreasonable (and I welcome dissenting opinions), what is my recourse if they simply continue to refuse to pay for a checkup?

if that’s their philosophy, then they should be willing to put it in writing. “If mold, corrosion, electrical problems, or other maladies that can be caused by water damage happens within the next 100,000 miles, (business name goes here) agrees to pay, in full, all bills, including parts, labor, and alternate transportation used while vehicle is being repaired.”

Try your county consumer protection agency, or maybe your insurance co. can help if the initial repair was covered.

Contact your insurance company.

When I have a crack in the windshield, I call my insurance company and they send somebody out to fix it. Is that what you did? If so, tell your insurance company what happened so they can stop using that glass company and send you to a shop that can address all of your concerns. This way, your insurance company can go after the glass company on your behalf.

The shop was recommended by my insurance company, so I trusted them based on that recommendation.

In that case, your insurance company should be willing to step in. Your insurance company paid for the repair, right? At very least, the insurance company should be willing to send someone out to replace the windshield properly.

One of your insurance company experts (perhaps an adjuster) should be able to check the car out for you free of charge.

definitely complain to them then. They have a lot more leverage with that shop than you do.

Nope. $500 deductible, repair cost $400…wah wah.

Deductibles don’t usually apply to windshield repairs. What state do you live in?

Illinois. Everyone I’ve talked to has said the same, but insurance says that deductible applies to glass replacement.

Oh well. Your state isn’t one of the ones on the list of zero deductible states with regards to windshield claims.

Yeah, at least I can take comfort knowing I read my policy right… You had me worried for a minute that I’d shelled out $400 that I didn’t need to spend.

Thanks to everyone who replied. You’ve helped me figure out some good next steps! I appreciate your assistance!

I’d still talk to the insurance, you might have a future claim if the faulty repair damages your car.

I’m going to call the glass shop again, and see if they’re willing to budge. If not, as suggested I’ll try to get it in writing. If they’re still stalling, I’ll try to go through the insurance company to exert pressure. Wish me luck!