Built to last!

A man in Texas–and his Ford Model T–both celebrated their 100th birthdays recently, and both seem to be functioning quite well!



Nice about the car. But you go, Hugo! Great to hear about him. I m glad he still enjoys his Model T, and if that news spot is recent, her certainly seems lucid enough to to drive. Here’s to Hugo!

“if that news spot is recent, he certainly seems lucid enough to drive.”

He seems to be more lucid than many people far younger than he is, IMHO.

It would be an honor to shake that man’s hand.
The man is a treasure. The car ain’t bad either.

I’m wonder if that will be me and my Corolla someday? … lol …

With over 40,000,000 sold and still counting, a Corolla is a good candidate to last 100 years. That leaves you , @GeorgeSanJose. With the marvels of modern medicine, you stand a better chance than people of Hugo’s generation did of making it. It’s not out of the question at all.