Buick Skylark 1997 PRNDL and spark plugs

My daughter has a 97 Skylakr with the 3.1 V6, The lights for the PRNDL indicator operate intermittently, they are indivdual LED’s on the instrument cluster, there must be a switch in the column. Amyone have any ideas on where the switch si and how to fix or clean them?

Anyone know how to get to the rear 3 spark plugs. I can barely touch one, the other two I cannot even get a finger on. Do I have to loosen engine monuts and roll the engine? Thanks and Happy New Year

I don’t know about the LEDs. They do burn out, and usually require a soldering iron to replace.

But, as far as the spark plugs, have you tried from underneath? I’ve had to do that on numerous V6 FWDs.

Have not tried from underneath, thanks for the idea