Skylark lack of power

1994 Buick Skylark idles rough. In park the engine speed can be increased but it is still rough. Driving, it doesn’t have the power to accelerate above 30mph

Any check engine light on? Get the code read.

It could be dozens of things. Need more info. Number of miles, maintenance history, other symptoms or clues, but mosty the CEL code.

When was the last time the spark-plugs were changed.

How about the fuel filter??

The check engine light is not on.
mileage: 197,000
oil changes on regular basis.
fuel filter has not been changed.
spark plugs and “boots” replaced 2 months ago. engine ran well at that time.
last week or two the engine became rough at idle. At highway speeds the engine would run smooth.
Engine went “bad” on Memorial Day weekend - Saturday, specifically. My son (heavy foot on accelerator pedal type of driver) driving the vehicle. Only in-town driving at the time. The acceleration at highway speeds has not been achieved since.

See reply to Goldwing

May as well start with things that are cheap or should be done anyway. I’d try a new fuel filter.

Would be nice to know fuel pressure. Or injectors could be bad, or catalytic converter could be plugged, or or or