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Buick Park Ave

Hello" Hears my problem I have a 94 Buick Park Ave it has a 3800 out of a 93 Buick Regal the motor idel’s fine some times at take off it chugs and sputters but as you gas into it it straitin out and runs fine. Once you get to where you maintane 55 where you are not pressing down to far on the gas pedal it does it again but as you gas into it it comes out of it when you hold it to the floor it surges it kicks down for a second then its like you shut the key off then kicks down again. some times when you brake to a stop or to make a turn the motor will die but it fires right back up. the other day I took it for a longer drive after a good hour an a half of drivin it got to point when you gave it gas it would just die like it wasnt getting fuel it would always fire back up you would go a few more miles and it would do it again. After sitting 10 hour I drove home about 30 miles with no problems at all. When it has these issues the check engine light comes on I have had it to too diffrent shops and had it scaned and both times the scaners wouldnt connect to the car when they were pluged in. the previse owner put a new mass air flow sencer on it that didn’t fix the problem. trying to dicide where to go from here Im thinking maybe the fuel pump, or converter is pluging up but with either of those two issues it wouldn’t run as good as it does a cearten times would it? some times it dose run great. or would it be the computer is going bad? due to the inconsistenty of the problem and that the scaners wont connect to the car? Any one have any sugestion on where to begin on the problem? any advice would be great help.
Thanks’ Jason

First of all, I believe your car is an OBD1 car.
Pop open the hood and look at the emissions sticker. Does it say OBD2 compliant anywhere?
If it doesn’t it’s an OBD1 car.
If it indeed is an OBD1 car, the mechanics need to disregard any OBD2 connector under your left dash. It won’t do them any good.
I’ve seen OBD1 cars that had the OBD2 connector (usually 1994 or 1995), yet weren’t OBD2 compliant.
If it is an OBD1 car, you need to find ANOTHER connector for the scanner to hook up to. And you have to have the appropriate adapter.
If someone is able to hook up to the proper scanner, make sure there is power at the connector.
Has anyone checked fuel pressure yet?