Bizzare '95 Buick Park Avenue Problems

Intermittent Electrical Issues. Car decelerates from 2-3 RPM to 1 RPM when rolling down power window and sometimes when turning on rear defrost.

Occasionally car refuses to accelerate even when RPM and Engine revs up to 4-5rpm. Still intermitent though. After a minute car will accelerate normally in regard to RPM reading.

Sometimes the car stumbles heavily and shakes pretty well on startup, reving the gas doesn’t help, but after 5 seconds things stabalize and everything is ok.

In general electrical problems are progressing, autolocking and unlucking mechanisms sometimes work fine, other times there is definately not enough power getting to mechanism and you can hear the mechanism go off but not enough juice to actually unlock all the doors or lock them.

Had battery and alternator checked out a couple times and everyone says its ok. I had a more heavy duty connection placed onto my battery and that improved some aspects temporarily.

I’ve had the car in a two separate shops, mostly to address the electrical issue. Even the Window RPM deceleration problem is intermittent.

When it was really cold the issues were much more pronounced, but when things warm up everything works better.

Unfortunately none of the shops were able to observe the RPM change i expereince on te highway. They were able to experience the RPM change with the window but basically didn’t find anything further after scoping out the battery and alternator. I’m also having problems finding a mechanic i trust also. Alot of them want quite a large sum of money to dive further into the electrical issue which I have been resisting, since I’d like to gather as much info first as possible.