Buick LeSabre load leveler

Having problems with load leveler. When I put stuff in the trunk my had lights will hit the middle of a 18 wheelers back doors. Removed pump and checked it out. Pump is good, no air leaks. Could it be the sensor. Chevy house tells me it is $400. Can anybody help??

When you load up the trunk and start the car, does the compressor actually run? (Listen near the rear for a little rumbly sound?) If it does not, then the sensor is a logical guess. Have you checked the fuse? The wiring for the sensor? The sensor arm itself to make sure it isn’t detached or hung up?

Yep, agree with cig. BTDT. Yes they are $400 at least but if you really need one, try the junk yard. Be sure to check the linkage though to the sensor. If it becomes disconnected, the computer doesn’t know where the body is to pump the system up. I finally just went with a manual system for $14.

The compressor comes on and then quits. I took the pump off the car to make sure it was pumping air. I them took off the sensor and cleaned it up a little. The linkage moves freely but I do not know if something inside it is broken preventing the back end off the car to rise when I put stuff in it.

what is the manual sysyem? Gas shocks?

If the compressor comes on when you load up the trunk then this means that the sensor is working - at least somewhat - can’t say for sure. If it comes on briefly and then quits, you might need to play with adjusting the sensor arm.

But if the sensor arm is ok, and the compressor kicks on but the car doesn’t get leveled then your shocks might not be holding the air. I recently had mine leaking on my '00 Silhouette - the compressor would just sort of run and run, eventually cut off, but kicked back on a lot - much too often. $75 for a new set of shocks, and I’m good as new.

The manual system Bing mentioned is an air kit that you can get to put air leveling shocks on a car not equipped with ELC. After you load up, you manually pump in the air required to level out. As with Bing, I will probably put one on if my sensor ever decides to go out. It is cheap and easy.

Can we look at this again. I have the sensor in my hand. Lever is moving freely. How do I check the wiring to make sure that power is coming thru the harness and the can I hook up 12 volts to the sensor itself to check it?