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2000 Buick Le Sabre Custom

My electronic level control is haywire. How do I keep my car from appearing as if I’m driving into the ground. The compressor won’t stop running. Help!

I presume that by having the car appear “as if I’m driving into the ground” means that the ELC has your back end jacked way up in the air. Does it settle back to normal when the car is turned off? If so, for now you can pull the compressor fuse and you’ll be fine (just check the owner’s manual and/or the diagram on or near the fuse cover).

Apparently there is some problem with the ELC sensor, and if you want it function you’ll have to have someone take a look at it. They’re not very complicated and yours might just be stuck. It is possible that some light maintenance might free it up and fix this.

Thanks! It does not settle back to normal, though it does drop a bit. I will try removing the relay as you suggested.

Look under the rear of the vehicle, you should see the leveling sensor(usually just a short lever).

If it is jammed against the cross member or some part of the vehicle body, it needs to be pulled free.

Release the air from the shocks. Once the vehicle is down and resting on the shocks/springs, set the lever so as to touch the body/cross member when weight is added to the car trunk or rear seat area.

You can put in a few sand bags to test.

I think you’ll find there is a fuse you need to remove to prevent the compressor from running.
Check your owners manual or you may find it in a fuse/relay box under the hood if it isn’t under the dash.