Buick encore

hey ,I am new to the group,was just wanting any information regarding the buick encore.1.4 litre turbo s.u.v…my wife just got one of these and I am having 2nd thoughts.can anyone tell me I’d this I’s a good car l,does it have issues, I really havnt had any prior dealings with this vehicle.any help is much appreciated

Is this new or used?

Last year my wife and I test drove a Chevrolet Trax, which is basically the same vehicle. I liked it but she decided it was “too small.” It looks like the most common problems are with the battery and charging system. Go here and select the year: https://m.carcomplaints.com/Buick/Encore/

Sort of a little late to be asking… Is this a 2020 or older?

Keep up on the maintenance. The engine wants nice clean oil so be diligent about oil changes.

What are your reservations about this car?

Yeah, that ship has sailed.

While checking out Car Complaints and other resources is a good idea… I’d also mention that everyone tends to have his/her own unique experience with a car.

Good luck.

We rented one for a couple weeks and I actually liked it except for the stop/start feature. It would probably be on my short list of cars to buy at this point to replace my G6. If you already bought it, and the wife likes it, I suggest a nice coat of wax.

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The OP is having buyer’s remorse and wants to know if there are any potential trouble spots to be aware of. Carcomplaints or the like is his best resource. If it was purchased used an inspection by a good mechanic is a good idea.

Your wife liked it and has already bought the car. Put a fork in it!

Just maintain the car well and should be fine. Read about common problems and look out for them. At this point selling this car and finding another one that your wife likes is going to cost more than a few repairs.

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Yeah, that’s what I’d do, and if there’s a problem it’s time to use the warranty.