Buick encore side mirror assembly broken into two pieces - mirror part broken from the part attached to car

Buick encore side mirror assembly broken into two pieces - mirror part broken from the part attached to car, i backed up the car mirror hit trash can and broken.

I have attached the picture, I have tapped the part and it is functioning as expected, can glue this part together?!!


If it’s a folding mirror. the mirror can’t fold anymore. If that matters.


You did not give the year of vehicle but if you have full coverage check with your insurance and you might decide to have it repaired properly.

I doubt if gluing will last long.

You mean you taped the part to temporarily hold it together, right? There’s no way to know if a glue-job would make for a serviceable and safe part over the internet, but it might be possible. If I had that problem and wanted to try glue, I’d remove both parts from the car & use JB Weld Original and clamp the two parts on the bench together, let it sit for 48 hours, before re-attaching to the car. Note that if the mirror breaks loose at freeway speeds it could become a road hazard, and something which you might be held liable. Unlikely, but should be considered.

I got a new mirror assembly from Rockauto for aabout $50. Fit was perfect. Yours would need to be painted though and you need to pull the door panel to replace it. Up to you. Garbage cans, side of garage, same thing except mine was destroyed.


I couldn’t find the part for 2018 Buick encore, can you please send the direct link, and also do you have any link or reference to remove covers?

Might be too new for after-market body parts. Might just have to go OEM. You can order on line from dealers if you are going to install yourself.

Thank you for the prompt response.

Yes, its 2018 model and 175 for parts without paint and need to paint it seems not sure how much it would cost, i’m guessing 400+ for parts and labor with dealership is 225. I’m not sure how to disassemble this housing in to individual parts, couldn’t find any reference online. any help is appreciated!

Might be to late but have you not checked with your insurance . If covered just pay the deductible and have it done properly.

i might have to go that route if couldn’t find way to fix it, i have a new driver at home, claim can result high insurance premium

With a new driver you already have large premiums . Check with your agent , then you can decide to file a claim or not.

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I imagine you can glue it together, I like shoe goo, it is clear, the breakawy function wil no longer work of course, but it could work. for a cheap fix. Let the shoe goo set for 48 hours if you decide to go that route.

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Thanks, I’m going to try my luck with glue however I’m not sure how to disassemble the housing. not sure how to take out the cover, mirror and housing separate it.

I would glue it in place, but I am a hillbilly redneck repair guy.

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@cdaquila There are two threads by this person on the same issue.

Thank you… will try this… thanks a lot

This is a 2018. It won’t be the first mishap. Fix it properly and budget for future mishaps.

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I am taking chances and fixed it as shown in the photos !, it is holding it together.

If it’s an Encore it cant be very old. Have insurance cover it , that’s what it is for .

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