Buick 2018 Encore - how to remove driver side view mirror cover and replace mirror housing

Buick 2018 Encore - how to remove driver side view mirror, glass and cover and replace mirror housing, any reference of manual, video or any other how to take out each part of side view mirror appreciated.

The plastic pipe with clip at the end broken, is there way to replace it???

I’d visit a local Buick Dealer. Start at the Parts Department and perhaps the parts guy/gal will show you a parts diagram or an actual mirror assembly and you can learn what part/parts/assembly is/are available. That should take a little mystery out of it. Ask questions.

Next, I’d go to the body/collision shop at the Buick Dealer and talk with somebody there who can give you some idea of what repair/replacement involves, have them give you an estimate just in case it sounds to tedious for you.

I’m not sure which model-year Buick Encores have that identical mirror (same part numbers), but another option could be an auto salvage yard, specializing in late model cars. They should know which model/model-years interchange. There’s a chance you’ll find what you need and if you need a painted part, perhaps you can find one in your color. However, salvage yards sometimes like to keep doors complete to sell as a unit, but you won’t know until you try.

This will all give you some idea as to whether it’s worth fixing it yourself, paying and having a shop do it, calling your insurance agent and having them authorize repairs.

2018 Buick Encore… my advice is to fix it properly, to function and look like new, not Mickey-Mouse it with glue!

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I managed to disassemble and here is the broken part , i think glue may not work , I am going to try my luck in home depot to try something which can keep it together

I second @common_sense_answer’s suggestion to visit the parts department for 2 reasons. 1) To see the exploded drawing of how it comes apart and 2) to see what replacement parts are sold individually or if you have to buy the compete housing.

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I visited in the morning and the parts manager, didnt allow me to talk to the service guy and he said I have replace whole set

The spring tells me the part in the center is under tension. Glue will not work under tension. You need that center part. Take THAT to the parts counter, and see if you can buy just that. Fix it correctly, don’t mickey-mouse a 2018 car.

Local Buick and GMC service center suggested me replacing whole set which costs 165 + paint charges, parts available for the vintage number doesn’t list the Spring with plastic casings as a separate part, have replace whole housing:( which is expensive for me. Any alternative suggestions, will 3d print work???

For crying out loud , it is a 2018 vehicle that you paid a lot of money for . Why you want to cheap out is beyond me.

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Someone sent the parts link available online … I going to try that :slight_smile:

My mom had the same problem today with her mirror. What did you end up doing? We have the same broken piece on the driver’s side.

I’ve only replaced a couple of them but from my experience, you only replace the glass or the whole housing if that is the part causing the problem. The last one I got from Rockauto which was an after-market but an exact copy of the original OEM. I paid about $50 for it. No painting was required on mine but for $20 you can order the spray paint in the original color and do it yourself. So either get one from a junk yard, pay the freight from a dealer, or do it yourself. But messing around with glue and so on is just not going to be satisfactory.

I think parts may be available for cheap now… than taking my route… when it happened to me … i couldn’t find anything for less than 100… dealer gave me quote for 350…

I used dirty way to fix it and keep it together… I used one inch washers two and 5/16 4inch bolt (full thread) to keep the plastic together and made cut the washer on the edges in V shape to run wires… in my case i had to keep the broken plastic together… this did the job… so far it is keeping it together… i’m searching for photos i couldn’t find… will share when i find it.

Here is the link on fixing it Buick encore side mirror assembly broken into two pieces - mirror part broken from the part attached to car

I can’t believe someone would do this kind of repair on a year old vehicle .
What next , no oil changes to save money ?

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