Buick Crankshaft

I am swapping my 1947 Buick Special Series 40 Sedanette 248CI engine with a manual trans to a 1952 263 CI engine that had a Dynaflow trans. Before I can complete the swap I need to change the crankshaft on the 263 to fit the manual trans. Does anyone know if the 248 crank will fit in the 263?
Or, does anyone know where I might be able to find technical information about what cranks I may be able to use.

Try Hollander Interchange

You might also check out hemmings.com, find shops that deal with old Buicks.

Keeping in mind that I’m not that knowledgeable on stuff this old, I would say the cranks are not interchangeable based on the journal specifications.

Rod journal diameters on the 263 are shown to be larger than the 248 and for some reason I will never, ever comprehend, the specs show that the 248 uses 5 different main journal diameters with the size increasing (considerably) from journals 1 through 5.
The 263 is shown as having the same size main journals.

It would be interesting to travel back in time and ask the engineers WTH they were thinking…

In each monthly issue of Hemmings Classic Car magazine, their Tech Talk columnist, Mike McNessor, answers technical questions like this one. You can submit your question to him at the following e-mail address:

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