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Dodge flathead six 236 c.i.d. crankshaft

does anyone know the crankshaft bearing journal size for the dodge flathead 6cyl. 236c.i.d. i do know the 230c.i.d. is 2.488 to 2.500. Are the two engines the same. I dont have my crank on hand to measure but was curious if anyone knew this answer?

This should do ya Click on the catalog n find your engine…VERY informative


What Year is this Flathead from?? Doesnt look like your motor is listed…this is the 2011 catalog afterall…I think it starts dropping old old iron out of the listings

As I remember, the 236 engine was a larger block that was used in the DeSoto and Chrysler 6 cylinder cars. In the DeSoto, the engine displaced 236 cubic inches and I think the Chrysler 6 displaced 250 cubic inches. The blocks used in the Plymouth and Dodger displaced 218 and 230 cubic inches respectively. I would bet that if the engine displaces 236 cubic inches, it is the larger block.

By some fluke coincidence, a neighbor of mine who owns a slick 51 Plymouth and a Hudson Hornet came over a few weeks ago and gave me an entire crate of old factory and MOTOR service manuals covering old Dodges and everything else from Auburns to Hupmobiles and Packards.

One of the manuals, if correct, shows the journal diameter to be the same on all versions.
The mains are shown to be 2.499-2.500 and the rod journals at 2.061-2.062.
The out or round and taper specs are not shown but in most cases have a limit of .0005.

Hope that helps.

to answer the question of the year of the motor it is a 1948. i thank you very much ok4450 for the information you have provided. that helps alot!!!