Buick clicking/wheels

This question has a couple parts. About 2,000 miles ago, I bought new tires for my 1994 Buick LeSabre and at the same time had a set of hubcaps from a 1997 or newer Buick Century put on. The wire wheels that were originally on the car were difficult to wash and remove.

In the last few days, the car has been making sounds from what sounds like the right rear. Almost like the sound a chair makes when there is a rock stuck in the wheel. When I tried to remove the hubcap, I was stupefied. The car has 10 spoke hubcaps with a Buick insert in the center, but I cannot tell how to remove them. They seem like they should just pop off, but the middle insert seems to hold them on and I don’t want to break them, yet I can’t get to the lugs without removing the hubcap. So question one: How do you get this type of hubcap off? and question two, what could be causing the sound? The car shifts fine and tracks fine. Any help appreciated.

  1. go back to the person who put the hubcaps on.

  2. Hubcaps that don’t fit properly can make noises due to flexing. Perhaps a spoke or two are loose.

Unless there ARE small stones in the tread.

When you get the covers off the rear wheels (Remove the one you suspect first)
go for a slow drive and see if the noise is still there. Then remove another (one by one) until you find the culprit.