Care for Black Metallic Paint

Does anyone have a cleaning and paint protectant product they can recommend for black metallic paint surfaces? Specifically, I’m concerned about protecting paint from bugs and from water spotting. I did not purchase the dealer paint protectant application. Thanks for your suggestions

The Auto Geek web site is a perfect site for all vehicle cleaning and detailing help .

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I live in a state where both are problems and I own a black car.

Hard to remove water spots respond to distilled water with a little white vinegar mixed in. Add a drop of soap. Spray on, wait, wipe off before it dries.

Love bugs are nasty, huge, and can eat through the paint. They must be washed off asap.

Notice I didn’t say anything about protecting the surface so they don’t cause problems. I have never found a product that will make the bugs slide off or the water not spot. Wax it regularly and often. I like Zymol but NuFinish is pretty good as is old school carnuba car paste wax.

If you try a ceramic coat product and it works, please post and let us know!

Thank you. Checking the site out.
My salesman spoke highly of the ceramic covering but it’s pricey. I’ll check it out too and post back if I go that direction. Thanks again!

When I was still working and had to go where the love bug’s are I would spray the front of my truck with pam cooking spray made it a lot easier to get the bug’s off with a high pressure hose at the truck stop’s and for the windshield a mix of window soap and vinegar. I would do this as soon asap before they could eat into the paint.

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The dealership isn’t the only place that can apply a ceramic coat. Shop around. And also do your research, not all ceramic coat products are alike. Some are fantastic, others aren’t much more than polymer wax like you can get at an auto parts store in a spray bottle.

You have had this vehicle for over a year now , is that correct ? Seems to late to spend that kind of money now . Use your search engine and find videos that show both sides of the story about Ceramic coating . Also your insurance might not pay to have it replaced if an accident is your fault .

I’ve ruled out the professional ceramic coating.
Right now, I’m considering the Meguiars Ceramic Spray Wax. I’m reading reviews and wondering if anyone has a particular self application product they have been pleased with. Thanks for sharing.