Bucking horse...who is blind in the right eye

High miles. We have replaced every belt, plugs, air filter, battery. This thing bucks like its not getting enough fuel sometimes, and also wants to stall when your driving it on a sharp right turn. Help!!!

I suggest you have the fuel pressure checked. You may need a new fuel pump. I assume you have already changed the fuel filter.

Have not changed the fuel filter. As a matter of fact, I have one still in the box I purchased, but could not get to the old one by myself. I will have to get someone to put it in for me.

The secnd problem I had was the car wanting to stall in quick right turns, any ideas??

This could be due to a plugged filter as well.

“It bucks like it’s not getting enough fuel sometimes
"…also wants to stall when you’re driving it in a sharp right turn."

Aurora, is it more likely to behave in such a manner when the fuel is low?

I had a similar problem in my Ford Contour, and it turned out to be the fuel sock (pickup) in the tank. If this is bad, the fuel can “slosh” away from the fuel pick-up, and the engine cuts out until the fuel sloshes back.

As an experiment: fill the tank up all the way, go to an EMPTY parking lot, and make a series of sustained, sharp right turns (or whatever is most likely to cause the problem). My guess is you won’t be able to duplicate the problem if the tank is full.

Is the battery in there nice and snug?