The #$@#&$ car keeps stalling

My daughter has a 1998 Olds Intrigue that in the last 10/11 months runs fine and then it bucks and then stalls and will not restart for her. This has happened 8 or 9 times. After it’s towed to the garage, it will start…it does not set a code…can anyone help??? Thanx.

WAG: Fuel pump.

Yes, it sounds like a fuel supply problem. Click this link to Auto Zone’s instructions for changing the fuel filter:

Or a clogged valve in the transmission (I think I heard Click and Clack say something about a stuck torque converter once but it works out to the same thing). It will die when you brake and buck just like a killed stickshift but then have no problems when it’s at the shop and cool. You’ll need a transmission specialist if that’s it.