95 Mazda 626 stalls on sharp right turns only

Since the mechanic changed the fuel pump in my Mazda 626, the car stalls whenever I take a right turn rather swiftly and the tank is below 1/2. Can it be that they installed it wrongly, or that the part is faulty. The irony of all is that they changed it, but it was not the problem that I was experiencing at the time, which was a faulty coil. Now they want me to get another fuel pump, AND a gas line pressure regulator. What can I do here, apart from finding a better mechanic?

If it is improperly seated, it can push up the filter sock and not draw fuel from the bottom of the tank. OR it could have a split in the body that allows it to siphon air on hard right turns.

This is a sure sign that something is wrong with their fuel pump installation.

It makes a lot of sense, thank you! Just another question: Is it necessary to unmount the fuel tank in order to replace or re-seat the fuel pump in a Mazda 626? Or can it be done just through the tank?s access under the back seat of the car? Thank you very much!

This is most likely a through the back seat operation - i.e. probably no need to drop the tank. You can go to Autozone’s website, register, plug in your car’s info, click on the “repair information” and look at the procedure for changing the fuel pump.

Great! Thank you very much!