Bucking bronco

Posted at 12/14/2010 8:57:29 AM in bucking bronco

bucking bronco

hello , I have a 93 full size bronco with a 5.0 and was on the eglin reservation,when I soaked the motor going thru puddles so it started to have a high idle for about a hour then it now dies sometimes when im stopped and when i go from 2nd to drive i get it bucking ,I cleaned out distro,got new cap and rotor plus new plugs …no change I pulled some codes last night k.o.e.o. which was 111 111 1 33 or 111 111 133 I think its the 33 (e.g.r.)cuz there is no 133 in the code book… I had a real problem with the bucking before, the distributor took a dump so I got a re-man from o’riellys and that was bad too and made it buck and replaced that also which cured that problem,so Im wondering if it took if it is the same problem, its under a lifetime warranty and may upgrade to a new one

Mine does the same thing. They all do that.