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Fuel problems

I. Have a 93 bronco with a5.8 the truck will start up and run find for a while and then the engine gets really ruff satrts back firing and shuts off it only starts with starting fluid or after it sits for about 30 mins

How many miles on your 93 Bronco? When was the last time you:

  • Replaced the spark plugs

  • Replaced the spark plug wires

  • Replaced the engine air filter

  • Replaced the fuel filter

  • Changed the oil a oil filter

    My guess is fuel pump, but it could be other things.

    I also suggest you get your owner’s manual out and see if there is any other maintenance that is now past due. (BTW if you have an automatic transmission, it likely has nothing to do with this problem, but you should drain , change filter and refill the transmission about ever 30,000 - 40,000 miles.

Good Luck

Have the fuel pressure tested. How old is the fuel filter?

Check fuel pressure. Specs are key engine off 35-45 PSI. Engine running 30-40 PSI.

just changed the fuel filter along with cap and fuel pressure regulator and map sensor

Thank that was going to be my next step I just didn’t have the specs

And also the rotor

This model Bronco is also a TFI-IV ignition model and the modules are very prone to heat failures. The symptoms can vary quite a bit but the ones your vehicle has can easily match a module problem.
Testing the module may or may not reveal whether it’s bad or not. The question of whether to replace the module is often an educated guess more than anything else because it may test fine and still be faulty.

Do a net search for TFI-IV Settlement and you can read about the details there.