Bubbly tire


Does anybody know what brand that tire is? Looks like a Maypop to me.


This was one of the omments on what kind of tire it is:

The Defender is a budget Michelin sub-brand, available at Walmart for about the price of a Trenti Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks…

I dunno though, I think if they just reduced the pressure a little it’d be fine. Probably pumped it up to 34# instead of 15.

I thought it was part of the balancing system :wink:


Not maypop but May’s brother willpop at anytime.

I can’t believe that anyone would ride on a tire like that. With delamination that bad, it must have been going on for months.

Notice the tire is on the right side of the car… in the UK…

Where they drive on the left side of the road… where the steering wheel is on the right…

The tire is in full view of the driver when they enter the car! :smiley:

Not only that, but to drive your kids to school no less! Some people should not be allowed to drive let alone procreate…

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Is mumps a legitimate tire diagnosis?


nothing a little bit o’ duct tape won’t fix…

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Built in curb feelers…