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Brown's Gas

Do Brown’s gas systems work? I have read that they can increase gas mileage by 10 to 40% depending on engine size. I see several kits you can buy on the internet and have read lots of positives. Has anyone tried them and had success or failure? Do they work equally as well on a fuel injected system and are there any special system requirements?

Yes this is an excellent product. It will increase your mileage by at least 40%, increase horsepower by 60% and torque by 47%. Your engine will also run 34% smoother. And in my own personal experience my brake light fluid needs to be changed less often.

I also feel you should invest heavily in these systems, perhaps a franchise?

The above two replies are cruel sarcasm, a reaction to the plague of similar posts that have recently appeared on this forum (many by shills trying to hawk their products).

All systems on the market that generate hydrogen or Brown’s gas (a hydrogen-oxygen mixture) from the electrolysis of water are worthless. Their claims are all fraudulent. There are no exceptions.

Pure scam, if you don’t believe us read the latest Car and Driver (last page). Both they and the engineering professor they consulted at the University of Michigan had one conclusion: Boooooooooogus!

Aw shucks. I was just about to pile on, and you went and introduced the voice of reason to this thread.