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2008 Honda unFit ABS pump noise

Though the techs deny hearing anything at the dealership, there is a mid-range (G below middle C on the piano!) whirr or hum that comes from the front passenger wheel area when I apply my brakes. The car did not come home with my car when I ordered it from Japan but began happening intermittently with braking going down a steep incline at about 7,000 miles. Now it happens almost each time I drive it though now it seems to happen anytime a bump is driven over (speed bump, pothole, etc) at any speed, including slow. It does not seem to effect braking though I can feel the hum into my brake pedal when it happens (is different feeling that rotor wear). I have diagnosed it as a pump sound so it makes sense that it is the ABS pump. It it malfunctioning? Does Honda want my warranty to run out before they fix something? Currently the car is fully maintained, driven just by me and has about 16,000 miles on it.