Broken Wipers



I have a 1997 Maxima and the other day during the snow storm my wipers broke.

I checked the fuse, and it’s fine. I hear the wiper motor running, but the wipers don’t move. It is as though they are “unhinged” or something. any suggestions? Is this an easy fix or should I take my car to the shop?


If you can hear the wiper motor running, then it is almost definite that the linkage from the motor to the wipers is broken or somehow became disconnected.

By any chance, did you run the wipers before clearing snow and/or ice from the windshield?
I am asking that because this is the most likely way for someone to break the wiper linkage.

Unless you are mechanically inclined, your car needs to go to the shop.


Remove the wiper arms from their posts, and see if the splines in the wiper arms are striped out. If they are, replace the wiper arms.



unfortunately, the wipers ran before the snow cleared. I’m somewhat mechanically inclined, but if I need the parts–such as a wiper linkage-- then it’s best for me to bring it in.

I was just curious if it was an easy fix that I wasn’t noticing. Thanks for the help!


Will do, thanks!