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2000 Isuzu Trooper windshield wipers dead

Made the mistake of running these while they were frozen to the windshield. Once I got the ice off, they kind of ran slowly then blew the fuse. Couple months later now, after all slow is melted, I replaced the fuse and tried again. they both slowly started to move and then died again. I’m sure the fuse blew.

Should I just replace the motor, or is it likely something else is wrong?


You could possibly have bent something making it difficult for the motor, and it’s worth looking, but IMHO you should be prepared to replace the motor. You likely overloaded it.

Remove the wiper arms and see if the splines got wiped out.

Wipers are designed to wipe out the splines when they get frozen to the windshield to prevent damage to the wiper motor.


without removing the wiper arms, I would guess the splines are not wiped out because both arms are still in track with one another - if I move one, the other moves with it. Does that sound right? I’ve also found now that all I have to do is turn the key (with the wipers turned off) and the wiper fuse blows. I unplugged power from the wiper motor, and now the fuse does not blow.

I’m thinking the motor is toast. I’ve got one showing up at 4PM today. I’ll update I’ve swapped.

Thanks for the hints.

Disconnect the motor from the linkage and see if it blows the fuse while running freewheel. If not the problem may be in the linkage.

I’ve removed the mounting bolts, but I can’t seem to get the motor to disconnect from the linkage. is there a trick in separating these?

You have to remove the nut and lever from the motor shaft.

OK…I think I did it backwards. I popped the metal ball joint out of the plastic bushing. Did I do this wrong?

After removing motor, it tests just fine. I turn on the wiper and the motor appears to be running correctly. Also, the linkage all seems to be in good shape. I can swipe it back and forth correctly.

Now I just need to put it all back together to test again. Trying to figure out how to get this back together.

Perhaps the dealer’s part window guy can pring an “exploded view” drawing for you that will help. It can’t hurt to ask!

You need to remove the wiper arms and cowl vent to gain access to the wiper linkage.

That nylon socket expands when you press the ball joint back in. It should just snap in. But, you said the linkage works fine with no drag, and the motor works fine with it not being connected? Why were the fuses blowing then? I still suspect the motor is shot and if any load is put on, it will stall out and blow the fuse.