Windshield Wipers

Can hear the windshield wiper motor, but arms do not move. Someone said it may be a clip, but I dont know what part they are talking about, if this is even the problem.

In this cold weather it’s common for people to just hop in their snow covered cars and fully expect to switch on the wipers to clear off the snow.

– Big mistake –

Now you have the full power of the motor racing against the , if not totaly frozen, now 10 pounds heavier wiper arms.

This strips gears, bends arms and levers, or pops off clips.

Now you have to disassemble down to where you can see where the levers and arms connect to the wiper motor to know if it’s a popped clip or stripped gears in your motor.

Next time and every time ;
Get in your car and start the engine.
Get OUT of your car and clean off ALL THE SNOW from ALL
did I say …ALL
of the windows, front, back and sides. Roof and hood too. headlights and tail lights too.
Grab each wipe and pull it up away and free from the glass.

Or else the motor is working but the linkage is disconnected or broken. You can test this by trying to move the wipers while the engine is off. In most cars, if the linkage between the motor and the wiper arms is solid, the arms will move reluctantly, if at all. If the linkage has become disconnected, they will move freely and maybe or even probably independently.
If this is the case, the repair should be inexpensive.

Thanks Ken…I do release them from the window before and clean off; it is my husband that broke it LOL. Thanks for the help.

I moves with little or no trouble.

be proactive and raise the wiper blades before an ice or snow storm…

people tell me this…however in both cars I have ever owned my blades dont raise!!! …stupid &%#&*%^$…california engineers.

Alot of arms are not splined and when nut is torqued down the splines on the motor/trans bite into arm. If they were stuck and operated it may have stripped. You should be able to retorque is not too bad. Can you see if the shaft that the arm is attached to is moving? If motor is running smooth with no change transmission may be disconnected. Sometimes as simple as a nylon clip. An old blanket is a good tool. If you know it may snow drape it over windshield. Let it snow and pull it off. Looks dumb but you’ll be the first in the neighborhood pulling out of the driveway.