Broken transmission


The gears in my trani are blown and i need a new one. How reliable are those japanese low mileage (under 35,000 mi.)deals that have you send them you core? Are they worth it in the long run?


Yes, they are. No core is usually needed. In Japan, all wrecks are totaled and parts can’t be resold in that country. That’s where all those engines and transmissions come from…


In Japan, you can get one of those engines/transmissions/etc at the relatively reasonable price with the warranty. I have completely no idea why everytime caddyman acting like that on this matter.

As to the condition of the transmission, I would say it all depends. Some are really cheap junk(the buyer in Japan don’t pay more than $50 for a single unit hence ‘junk’), some are miracurously in a good shape. So, do not get it without the warranty no matter what mileages they alledged. Good luck.