Broken timming belt

I broke the timing belt on my 1989 ford escort pony(manual trans). I was able to remove the old belt and could locate the TDC position on the crank shaft. Does anyone know how I can find the correct position for the Cam shaft?

Check it out.


THANKS, BUT THAT’S THE SAME PAGE I HAVE ALREADY LOOKED AT. It says to set the cam by the mark on the head. I checked and I don’t see any marks. I’m wondering if I have to take the valve cover off.

Look again. The timing mark is the pointer in one of the holes of the camshaft sprocket. Look through the hole, and the mark on the cylinder head should be visible on the other side, through the square cut-out in the backer plate. You may have to clean off some dirt-grease-gunk to make the timing mark easier to see. I suggest using brake cleaner, and spraying out that area. Alternately, the pointer should be pointed up, and the crankshaft pulley set at TDC.