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1989 Nissan Pathfinder Timing Belt

How do you set a timing belt on 1989 Nissan Pathfinder?

And does anyone have some printable worksheet on the instructions?

Which engine??

I’ve done the timing belt on the V6 a few times…This is from memory.

If you have everything off…

Looking at the cams there are little timing marks on each cam gear. There are marks on the plate cover behind the gear that you line the cam marks up to. They are just little punch marks in the metal.

Once the cams are aligned…Do the same for the crank gear. It should already be aligned if once the cam gears are aligned…assuming you kept the old belt on when you did the alignment and it was properly aligned in the first place.

When I did mine I used the Nissan belt. It came with three white marks on the belt that will line up with the timing marks on the cams and crank. Makes it a lot easier to align with those marks. If the new belt doesn’t have these white marks…then before you remove the old belt…count the number of cog spaces on the belt between each of the timing marks on the cam and crank and then put your own white marks on the new belt.

Loosen the tensioner and then remove the old belt. Install the new belt…aligning crank gear with the crank mark on the timing belt first. Then align the drivers side cam with the mark on the belt…then the passenger side. Adjust the tensioner…and reinstall the cover and pullys and belts.

Good Luck.