Broken Gearshift

Hi there,

My brother’s 2000 Toyota gearshift broke while he parked. He was having trouble shifting it lately (sticking in Park) and then today, he said it made a noise and then was lose in the holder, not shifting gears. Luckily it is in park and parked legally. Can anyone offer any experience on this type of repair? Will it be expensive? Would he have to go to a dealer for this?


Paula in Skokie, IL

Which model Toyota ?

It’s a 2000 Toyota Camry


Probably a frayed or broken control cable, you certainly don’t need a dealer to fix this any competent shop shouldn’t take more than an hour to install a new cable.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


No problem. When you say 'loose in the holder" I assumed that you mean’t just moves back and forth without resistance, if that’s the case it’s control cable or the quadrant both cheap repairs.

If there is any lateral movement it’s possible the shifter lever itself has become detached or the pivot assembly is broken, though that would be unusual.