Broken Rusted Fuel Line Possible Vapor Line

I jacked up the rear end of my ’98 Camry because I saw a couple drips and had been smelling gas in the garage. I was reaching up near the rear wheel and felt a wet pipe and it instantly broke in half. I had maybe a couple of cups or so of gas come out.

It’s a thin steel line that broke. That thin line starts up near the gas cap and eventually converts to a vinyl line that connects to the tank. My plan was to cut out about a foot of rusted steel line and replace it with braided dorman nylon fuel line. Clean it up and use dorman nylon to nylon compression fitting on one side and dorman steel to nylon compression fitting on the other side.

My questions are

  1. Why is this broken fuel line so thin? Is this a 1/4” line? I’ve heard this may be a vapor line?
    2)I was hoping to avoid flaring the line so can I just use compressing fittings?
  2. Not sure why gas isn’t still coming out. If it is a vapor line then why did I get several cups of gas initially pour out?
  3. I can buy the whole line for about $30 amazon pipe link but I’ve heard its a difficult install. If it’s a vapor line could it be driven to the mechanics? Hate to tow my car in their again sigh …

Thanks so much in advance. Great community here at No internet at work (garbage) but I’ll be sure to check any comments as soon as I get home.

Replace with metal line only… nylon lines are not meant for high pressure found in a fuel injected engine.If its dripping fuel,you can be certain its not a vapor line. Don’t forget that when the engine is “off” gasoline won’t drip as much because there is no pressure. According to your picture,the steel line feeding your rear wheel cylinder is leaking…an easy fix. You can find these line for cheap at any autoparts stores.Don’t forget to bleed the rear brakes when done.

That line is a vent line.

So it’s not a high pressure liquid line.

You can see it here.

The nylon line will work fine.

As matter of fact, the fuel lines on today’s vehicles are made of nylon.