Broken locking gas cap


The lock mechanism on my 99 Ford Ranger’s locking gas broke. I’m desperately in need of fuel. Any ideas how to remove this cap, short of a BFH and a large screwdriver?


whatever you do, dont get too mad, i ended up getting mad and smashing one in with a sledge hammer (i never got it open).


I would avoid the BFH, drill, or anything else that’s likely to cause a spark. Maybe a locksmith can help you.


Try using a screw driver in the key slot. TURN. Don’t pry. It MIGHT turn. Rather than causing expensive damage (the filler pipe, etc.), call a lock smith.


I never met a locking gas cap which couldn’t be opened by inserting a screwdriver tip in to the lock, driving it deep with a hammer, and simply turning the screwdriver after that.


I agree with mr_josh. If you are diffident about doing this job yourself, just ask Vinnie from the pool hall.


Yes, indeed. I locked the key in the car one time while visiting my brother-in-law, the lawyer. I was going to coat-hanger it (I knew how), but he said that a hired laborer he happened to have right there – a client, I believe – could do it: “He knows about these things.” Well, my brother-in-law was right that time. That guy was really smooth with the coat hanger.