Rusted Locking Ring

This is a part of my issue with the Ford Escort fuel pump.

Got down to the locking ring and its rusted bad. I’ve spent two days blasting it with PB (half a can yesterday) and going around it with the drifter trying to knock it loose. Down to 2 1/2 tabs on it and lost. Any ideas on how to get this off? I have a new one so honestly don’t care if this one comes out in one piece or not. I’ll post a pic in a few.

Take a hammer and tap on the locking ring to get the penetrating oil to seep into the rusted areas.


That’s why I take mine to a shop. They can buy a repair kit if they have to cut it off or something breaks. It saves me a lot of trouble because my arms and hands don’t work very well.

I’ve always had good luck with a strap wrench.

waiting for my post with pics to be approved:)

@pleasedodgevan21 why i need to work now and be able to pay some guy in the future while I set back and relax.

@casper I’ve heard of those working for plastic ones (like the ones on Jeeps if I remember right), not for the metal ones like on Fords and Chevys (trucks). Have you tried this on metal rings?

Got it off, can’t say it was the best or safest route but still got it. Got one side up a little and went right beside it and pried up, the whole ring just kinda gave in all at one and lifted up. Here are some pics of before and after of it.



I trust you’ve already installed the new fuel pump module by this time?

I also suggest you verify, with the fuel pressure gauge, that your original problem is resolved.

Finished up on the installing today, got splashed with gas last night putting in the assembly. Was a little hesitant (lines were bone dry) at first but now starts the first time every time. Will have to get ahold of my dad to do a pressure test.


It certainly sounds like you have resolved your problem

Your dad and his fuel pressure gauge will most likely confirm the repair

What brand did you install, if you don’t mind me asking?

Success at last. Congratulations, It’s difficult to tell from the picture but the locking ring appears to be rusted. Is that correct?

Now, if it runs, with no leaks and no errors, you are the MVP in the game.

Airtex, the only brand I could get my hands on without having to wait a week.

Yep its rusted and corroded badly. Had to use some PB when installing the new one even.

I have changed quite a few in tank fuel pumps and often rust in the locking tab and channel cause some difficulty but I have never seen a locking ring totally deteriorated with rust. Are roads salted in your area, @Harland? But even with salted roads the fuel pump location is not where road slush would be thrown. Is there rust perforation in the floor?

And when installing fuel pumps I lubricate the O ring and locking tabs with vaseline.

They are salted. Had some rocks by the fuel pump to, seems like an area of the car that could of had some better design to prevent stuff like this from happening.