Broken lifters

how do i know if my lifters are broken

Valvetrain clatter, big time, and decreased engine performance, for starters. But a little more information would allow us to give you more detailed info.

the engine seems to rattle alot and i can feel it in the gas pedal, plus it seems to work harder to accelerate

What car model/year/engine/miles/etc?

does that mean new engine?

Yes, those 1200 VW engines just didn’t last beyond 50K miles. If they were rebuilt using the old cases, the head studs would start pulling out unless the case was refitted with ‘case savers’. Also if you rebuild check the case for cracks as the 1200 was a little weak in the case department.

Hope that helps.

diagnosis similar to deciphering broken cam followers.

usually only a talented mechanic can interpret these strange noises.