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96 Ford Contour 2.0L DOHC code "Idle Air Control Overspeed Error"

What is the Idle Air Control Valve and where do I find it on this engine?

I also have found a single black wire that comes from the harness, just under the Mass Air Meter (right above the coolant Temp switch), that has an exposed spade connector in line, which has broken off of the device that it should go to. I can’t locate a device that might be missing this wire, could it be the Idle Air Control Valve wire?

It could very well be a wire for the IAC. Follow the big black intake tube from the air filter to the other end. The other end connects to the throttle body. The IAC will be mounted on the throttle body - its job is to get air from one side of the throttle plate to the other when the throttle is closed. If you pull up the part at some online parts sites you should be able to see exactly what yours looks like.

The other thing in that vicinity will be the throttle position sensor (TPS). You might as well check the condition of its wiring as well.

I don’t know what this car has been through to cause these wiring issues, but, it also has the insulation rotten off at the cooling temp Switch/Sensor (next to the Coil Pack), in the same vicinity as the broken wire. Once the check engine light issues are stabilized I will replace that plug too.

Isn’t the throttle body up under the Resonator… mounted on the intake manifold? This broken wire would not reach back that far. It’s a max of four inches long, off the wiring harness.

Hey, I just remembered that there was a nut missing on that resonator that was supposed to be holding it down onto the Throttle Body, would that cause the code? I will start with that next time. This car was given to the woman that I have been helping out, I think she said her Sister gave it to her… It’s just short of wreckage.

So far I have replaced the cooling temp switch, bank one Oxygen Sensor, reset the Timing BeltCams that someone else screwed up and we are getting closer to finishing it off now (just one code coming up on the scanner now)… I hope so anyway.