Broken horn



My Subaru Forester’s horn has been silent for about 8 months and airbag light has been on for a year. The mechanic said I need a computer scan to figure out the problem, since it is not an obvious one. What are my options and how much should I expect to pay for repairs?


You have two separate problems. The airbag will need a computer scan, but the horn should not be that difficult to diagnose and repair. The horn is not controlled by a computer.

Airbag repairs can be quite expensive, but without a scan to determine the problem there is no way to estimate cost.

Horn repair is not expensive. Check the horn fuse first. If that’s not the problem it could be the horn relay, the horn itself, the horn button in the steering wheel, or a wiring problem. Any of these components can be tested with simple diagnostic tools. There’s no rocket science, and no computer, involved.


Thanks so much–I am trying to pass the state inspection ASAP and it’s difficult not knowing a reliable mechanic in the area. He said they checked the basic components (fuse, etc) and it wasn’t evident that is where the problem was. He said that after the scan he could determine the problem and that it could cost up to $200, as a worst case scenario. He definitely gave me the impression that the airbag and horn issue could be connected. I will check my manual and see what I can do on my own, although, I don’t have much experience under the hood.


You need to have the codes read. Some places will read them for FREE. Try Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts. Get the exact code not just their translation into English and post it back here.

The horn should be easy for most any mechanic or DIY’er to find and it usually will be cheap. The air bags … well let’s weight until we know after you have the code(s).