2003 Olds Alero

I bought an Alero with 68K miles on it in June of '07. Everything worked great until December. The horn stopped working, so i replaced the fuse. It worked for one honk. Took it into the shop and they replaced the horns. Two days later at 6:00 a.m., the horn started blaring. I had to get out of bed in 25 degreee weather and pull the fuse. I took the car back to an authorized dealer who replaced the turn signal switch, did not cure the horn problem. They informed me that I should get the driver’s side airbag and module replaced which is $987 for the parts alone, and that this may not fix the problem. So far, I am out over $1000 and still don’t have a horn. Can anyone tell me what is wrong?

I would drop that dealer. I don’t see the connection. However it may require removing the air bag to fix it. As far as I know there would be no need to replace the air bag with a new one. The horn switch and the clock spring would be the two things I would first consider.

Unless there’s a law requiring horns in your state, I don’t know why you want one. And, of course I don’t respect the Alero, according to my previous posts on other people’s questions regarding Oldsmobiles which I accuse Saturns of growing from. It isn’t true but it could have been under other possible scenarios. So, that leaves me with recommending a cheap horn button be installed under the instrument panel somewhere so you can have the horn. Whole new wiring too. You will want to use it if you’re ever in S.F. or L.A. If you don’t use it there, they will know you’re from out of town; as if the Oklahoma plates didn’t give it away. Oops, I almost forgot to say that I couldn’t tell you what is wrong. No surprise there.

My guess is that a bad switch caused the horns to start honking when you weren’t around the car and damaged the horns. I had the same thing happen on a 1971 Ford Maverick and my brother had it happen on a 1977 Cadillac.

Rather than spend $987, I would wire or have a mechanic wire a horn button that directly activates the horn relay. I did this on my 1950 Chevrolet pick-up truck that had a defective horn button in the steering wheel. The new horn button clamped around the steering column. It took very little time to get used to this new horn location.

How in hell do these dealership people stay in business?

You certainly do not need that one to suck your wallet dry.

I don’t believe for a second there is an air bag fault.

Has there been any codes read?

I am going to suggest you MAY have a security system fault with regard to the horn going off on its own.

Take the vehicle to an auto electric shop for your repair.