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ACCORD 04 EX v4 Shift stick in park

The shift button broke off. I tried pressing down lever next to shifter. no luck. I removed the shift handle, then pressed down on metal bar. It worked. Is this a manufacturer defect eg air bag and covered by warranty? How much may I expect to pay to replace the shifter?

1 - ask you Honda parts department ( if you are going to turn the wrenches. ) to see the part diagram and how much or how little you need to buy .
2 - on an 04 ? a defect ? heck no.
3 - henceforth, go easy on yanking that handle ( and instruct other drivers ) untill you’re sure the solenoid is released . ie ; gently pull the handle , don’t yank. if it doesn’t move , press again on the brake pedal.

“Is this a manufacturer defect covered by warranty?”

After 12 years?
Unless your car came with an extraordinarily long factory warranty, then…no.

However, on the possibility that there might be a “silent” warranty on this item, you should consult with a Honda dealer’s service department. Sometimes mfrs will cover items beyond the usual warranty period if there is a history of failures of a certain component.

In the very likely event that this is not covered by any sort of silent warranty, get an estimate for the repair costs, and then find out how much independent mechanics in your area would charge for this repair.

Wow, I just signed up for this website and already ken green abd vdcdriver already replied! Thank you. I should have asked is this a “recall” defect? I’ll ask the dealer service department and also check with a good independent in my area. Thank you both!

The shift assembly won’t be covered by any recall/warranty. So either you replace it or pay someone else to replace it.

So your best bet is to acquire a used one from an auto recycler.

But here’s the kicker. You need to know if the shift assembly is a type A shift assembly or a type B shift assembly. And the only way to determine that is to gain access to the shift lock solenoid to see the configuration of the solenoid.


Yikes. Thank you Tester. I would like to try stuff on my own, however I’m VERY UNskilled in maintenance and messing with a shift lock solenoid sounds like something beyond my abilities. I’ll ask Honda what they charge to do it and then check with an independent. I hope it won’t be too much $