Broken electrical fitting in 1997 Ford Explorer

broken electrical fitting going in to fuel tank, when we replace it does it require gasket cement of any type and is it sealed inside and out?

No, there is no need for any gasket cement.
This is a rubber ring and I have always made sure that if a new ring does not come with the new pump…that the parts house order a new one along with the pump.

Some people reuse the rubber ring, but I prefer to use a new one. If the old ring is reused and there is any small leak, it will throw a Evap code.

No sense having to do the job twice!!!

Be sure to clean the tank opening to be sure you get a good seal and it doesn’t hurt to lube that ring with a little grease.



The large hole is for the fuel pump assembly. The other two holes are for the fuel tank pressure sensor, and for the roll-over/over-fueling valve..

Both have O-rings.