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Brights won't come on '04 Toyota Tacoma

I’m in a 2004 Tacoma 6cyl 2wd

I’ve recently noticed that my bright head lights won’t come on when pushing the dimmer switch “forward”…ie the normal direction to turn them on and keep them on. The low beams come on as normal and work just fine.

However, when I pull the dimmer switch “back”…like you do when you “flash” your brights…they will come on.

I’ve replaced the dimmer switch itself and that did not fix the issue. I’ve also checked continuity on the relays in the fuse box in the engine compartment and the relay that is hiding behind the glove box.

Those all checked out as having good continuity.

I was unable to check the continuity on the relay under the steering column. But, the low beams seem to work fine…


Since the high beams work in the flash mode and you have replaced the switch already then the only other thing I can think that would cause the trouble is a wire connection problem after the switch for the high beams.