Breaks Squeal

Does anyone know why Ford Focus breaks squel? I got new breaks last year.


Get the BRAKES checked. It could be caused by prematurely worn brake pads, excessive dust accumulation, or no apparent reason. But, get them checked regardless.

thanks for your reply,had the breaks checked yesterday,breaks and pads all good, mechanic cleand and adjust. breaks, after two hours the squeal was back. the squeal just wont go away.
I’m tired paying 39.99 every two to three weeks.
Mechanic is telling me it’s a FORD problem.

You missed busted knuckles subtle reply so let me be a little more obvious.

The word is BRAKE.

Here is the TSB for the squeaky rear brakes. Hope it helps.

Thank you very much

Your welcome. Just as a side note there was a earlier TSB on this problem as well. It involved adding weights to the backing plate to eliminate the harmonic. The bulletin I provided is the latest bulletin. Here is the old one just in case.

thanks again, should I take the car to a ford dealer or my reg. garage?

A TSB is not a recall. It is simply information that is reported from the manufacturer to the dealer. The TSB helps dealer techs become informed on how to repair common problems that occur.
I would take the car to your regular mechanic with a copy of the TSB. Your mechanic may find it neccessary to order the correct updated parts from the dealer but there is no reason to pay the dealer labor rates.

thanks again you have been a big help, sorry about the (BREAKS) lol.
I dont like to take my car to a dealer, too much.
Thank you, thank you