Breaking into my trunk :P

I locked my car keys into the trunk of my 93 honda accord ex. i have a backup key, but all it works for are the doors and the ignition. it doesn’t open the trunk or unlock the trunk release lever (which i also have locked) what’s the easiest and cheapest way to get into the trunk?
tried using the other key to unlock the backseat access and trunk release lever lock–neither work. i tried again to stick the key into the trunk lock, and it doesn’t do that, either.

Removing the back seat seat back will get you into the trunk. You will need to remove the seat bottom and parcel shelf to get to all the hardware holding the seat back in place. All told, should be less than an hour to get your keys back.

The easiest might be to take it to a skilled locksmith and have them pick the lock to open the trunk release or back seat release. Usually these interior locks are less secure than the exterior trunk lock and easier to pick. Then have them make you a spare key.

Try picking the lock. Likely not as precise and secure as other locks.
Then remove back seat to get in.

Pull down the center arm rest on the back seat and just break the plastic piece with the lock in it. After that, your trunk won’t be as secure. Or take the vin number to the Honda dealer and with proof of ownership, they will make you a brand new key.