Brand new 1957 Ford Panel Truck

I have a 1957 Ford Panel Truck. Is it possible to purchase a 2010 truck without the body and take the body from the panel truck and put it over the top of this new frame, engine, transmission, dash, steering wheel, air conditioning, etc… Then I would have a brand new 1957 Ford panel truck

If you have around $80,000 to spend, maybe more, go for it. Is the '57 rusted junk? Better figure $200,000 The finished product will be worth less than $10,000

Not likely, unless you want to spend a bagful of money. The 1957 models had no safety features whatsoever, for instance. The dimensions and attachment points of the body would also be different.

You could call California Customs or some shop like that, and they could give you a quote. It will likely exceed the price of a new Ford truck, with body, by a great deal.

Not sure why you even ask that question, unless you are planning tho enter a custom car contest, in which case you will be downrated since the vehicle is not original.

What is the wheelbase of the old truck vs. the new truck?
What are the measurements of the front and rear track of the old truck vs. the new truck?
How do the measurements and the contours of the dash on the old truck compare to those of the new truck?

I would be willing to wager at least a few bucks that the wheelbase and track measurements of the two vehicles are VERY different.
If I am correct, what you hypothesize is not possible.

If Jay Leno can put give '55 Buick Roadmaster a Corvette drive train, you can put your '57 Ford Panel Truck on a 2010 truck chassis.

Money is the only obstacle.

If you have to ask how much it costs you can’t afford it.

Why not just by a new Ford Transit Connect? All of the panel truck goodness, none of the '57 conversion costs:

Ford Transit Truck??? just not the same.
I have not checked any of the wheel base dimensions, yet. I drive the '57 Panel every week. Sometimes for days in a row. I was just thinking I could get all of the safety options of a new truck–with the character of my '57.

I know, half joking…but today’s vehicles are so complex, swapping major components is difficult, meaning expensive. Enough $$ makes anything possible, of course, but you’d probably be better off improving what you have, I bet you can find disc/power brakes for it, a/c, and swap in a more modern engine and tranny. But safety stuff like airbags and crush zones? No easy way to do that.