Body swap!

I have 2020 Camaro SS love it!
I have crazy idea, is this even possible??? I love new generation Camaros, is there way to replace body from my Camaro with 67-79 Camaro body??? it is even possible??? I heard some guy in Illinois trying to do this… but no luck to find anything on the web… Maybe anyone here something or link will help.
Thank You

Probably not possible, a few companies have come up with modern frames for the 67-69 Camaro with one I read about years ago (can’t find the article yet) that had so many late model components that both ABS and Stability control worked from the donor vehicle.

Thank You WolyRobb;
I’m talking about having 2020 Camaro inside with everything 2020 and just 1067 Camaro outside!!! If you look at it, you see exactly 67 Camaro without modifications!!! The reason why 67? I was born 67 hah

It is chevy same company, same model just different year lol maybe there is someone who did this or different car…???
Thank You!
And any idea how much (If is even possible) will cost???

It was a project built for one of the guys at Art Morrison (makes custom chassis) so under the '67-'69 Body it was all late 2000’s GM components from a model that had a similar wheelbase so the the ESC worked with the factory computer. Don’t know if anyone else has been able to build another one like it. I wouldn’t mind having one either but I’d first need to find the shop that’s going to build it for me.

Someone here in Washington State put a 60’s Suburban body onto later model Yukon Denali chassis with the GMC’s interior and even the rain sensing wipers among other modern features. Went through auction in Portland a few years ago for at least half what it cost to build. The magazine covering the auction really didn’t have any more details about the build sadly.

What you are asking is not possible. What is possible is a 67 that can be updated with most every modern features to create what is known as a Resto-Mod. An example is featured here.

Notice how much it cost to do this… $420,000.


I was under the impression that the old Camaros were of Unibody construction. Perhaps I am wrong on that point, but the new Camaros are definitely of Unibody construction, ergo–no frame. Even if the old Camaros had a frame, there would be no practical way for anyone except GM’s engineering staff to cobble the old body panels in such a way as to be able to mate them to the Unibody structure of the new vehicle.

Additionally, because impact sensors are “tuned” to the specific structure of a vehicle, the air bags and passenger restraints of the new vehicle would not function properly if the old body panels were put in place instead of the newer body panels, which are designed to “crush” at a controlled rate in the event of a collision.

It could be done, after a fashion, for maybe $500,000. Find a shop that restores top end classic cars and see what they say. It’ll be like a ‘67, but all the panels will have to be made from scratch because the basic body dimensions are different.


It’s one of those “if you have to ask…” deals.


Anything is possible. The only 2 questions are how much into the 6 digits are you willing to spend and how much of that 6 digits are you prepared to write off the second the car is done.

On one of the TV auctions a few years ago someone had a gorgeous 1961 Ford Sunliner. It was a very radical custom car and was hard to tell it was even a 61 at all.
It hammered for about a 100k dollars and my unscientific guess was that whoever funded it must have had 3 or 400k invested in it. That’s a lot of cash to flush away…

It would be much cheaper and easier with fewer headaches to just buy a redone 67 or 68 Restomod and enjoy both cars as they are.


If you want a 1967 Camaro, buy a fully restored restomod. You can have modern suspension and drive train put on. Jay Leno did that with his Buick Roadmaster. I think it’s his daily driver.

Art Morrison and others are front and rear subframes, you’re correct.

I would have said it wasn’t possible, but I was recently at a car show where I saw this:

That’s a 2016 Cadillac ATS V under that 40’s body. This is the interior:

But the build involved 2 ATS V’s (one to chop up and stretch the frame) and chopping up and massaging all the body panels from the '48 Caddy to get them to fit around the modern car.

Looks great - in person it’s absolutely stunning - but unless you have very deep pockets, you won’t be able to do the same thing with your Camaros.

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there is a company that will take your new Camaro and turn it into a Trans-am or Firebird

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but is not going to look like this

I was thinking having 67 Camaro like the pictures with modern interior with modern technology
thank you

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Yes but this car look nothing like 67 camaro!

If anyone outer can even do something like what I have in mind, will have to look exactly like this one.
Thanks Mustangman

call them. they can build you a car the way you want it. but your not going to pop a body off a 68 and stick it on your car. it wont work,.
’68 Camaro | Kindig It

I was thinking having 67 Camaro like the pictures with modern interior with modern technology

And you got our answers-no way without multiple hundred thousand dollars. Is that in your budget?