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Car pulls to one side while braking

My 1993 Buick Century pulls to the right when braking, and then jerks to the other side when letting off the brake. I just changed calipers and pads. What did I do wrong? It also sometimes stalls out from “park” into any gear.

I’d say there’s a good chance that you need to replace a brake line on the driver’s side. It might also be right side contamination - did you make sure to clean the rotors before installing (brake cleaner only) and not to leave any grease anywhere it shouldn’t be? You should also have a front end shop inspect everything in the suspension and steering up front. I wouldn’t drive the car until this is sorted out.

As for the stalling in park the first thing to be sure of is that all basic maintenance is up to date - plugs & wires, air & fuel filters at the very least.

It could be that your left caliper is jammed. The part is the cheapest thing to replace. It’s easy to bleed too, just open the bleed valve and wait for the fluid to run without small bubbles. The better news is that if you own a 93 Century, nothing worse is likely to happen to you.