98 Merc. Marquis

After having the brakes checked on our 98 Marquis, every time we hit the brakes at moderate speed ( or higher), the car “feels” like it dives toward the left, while AT THE SAME TIME the steering wheel moves to the right. what’s happening ? what’s been tried: clamping off brake hoses; replacing calipers; replacing master cylinder; four wheel alignment; and replacement of all four flexible brake hoses

I don’t know, but if someone sold you a four wheel aligment, they stole from you. There is no such thing with a RWD live-axle car.

This “feels like” stuff is pretty unreliable in defining a problem. Take the car to a big, empty area, drive it slowly (15 mph) and then step on the brake with your hands off the wheel. If it pulls left the steering wheel will turn left. You can grab on to straighten out the car, but this way you can know for sure which way it pulls. That’s why you are in a big open area, so you won’t hit something. Report back.

I probably did not call it the right thing, but I was told that if I had an alignment done, where the alignment devices were attached to all four wheels, that would help find the problem

I want to stress that when the brake pedal is hit, the car DEFINITELY pulls to the left . . . and at the same time the steering wheel nudges toward the right. I am aware that this does not make sense, but several mechanics have tested this as well as myself, and nobody has been able to diagnose the issue yet

Find a Wheel, Frame & Axle specialist and have them go over the car. A cracked frame in the area of the control-arm mounts or steering box mounting point. Carefully inspect the control-arms themselves for cracks, broken welds, other defects. Something is shifting, moving, bending when braking forces are applied.

In that empty parking lot, have an observer watch the front end of the car as it approches and the brakes are applied. The wheels should not shift position AT ALL.

All of the above ASSUMES the brakes are working normally. A major malfunction of the anti-lock brake system could cause this, but the left pull, right steering wheel movement suggests some sort of structure failure. Don’t be afraid to visit the dealer, they know these cars better than anyone else. So far, your “mechanics” sound like parts changers going on a fishing expedition at your expense…

thanks … hope to have this checked next Tuesday … but need to correct one serious statement, which is that this Merc. is a Mystique … NOT a Marquis … hope this didn’t mess you up …

man … feeling rather stupid right now … the Merc. is a Mystique, NOT a Marquis … NOW your statement makes sense to me ( finally )

found rear-most passenger side lower control arm bushing shot . . . thanks, ed